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Kevin R. Haddle, M.D. Mini procedures, no downtime, fast results

Skin Treatments

CO2 Laser Resurfacing

CO2 laser resurfacing is also known as a laser peel and is a more aggressive treatment than fractional lasers. The MaxFX is a fully ablative laser with the procedure performed with the patient under sedation.


Aerolase® is designed to tighten and rejuvenate skin without extended downtime and side effects.

MedPluse IPL

MedPlus IPL is a minimally invasive treatment used for acne, skin rejuvenation, rosacea, age spots, brown spots,  broken capillaries, reducing wrinkles, and hyper pigmentation.  

Lumenis One LightSheer Hair Removal

Our Lumenis One LightSheer technology produces permanent hair reduction, and is able to treat all skin types, including tanned skin.


NovaThreads® are a minimally invasive treatment used to lift the soft tissue of the face and neck. This procedure is done during a brief visit with little to no down time and remarkable results. This can provide a mini non surgical “face lift”. 


Microdemabrasion uses a highly controlled flow of fine medical grade crystals to remove the dead outermost layer of skin. It can be combined with alpha/beta hydroxy acid peels and IPL for even greater benefits.


Our advanced skin care line features products that have been specially selected by Dr. Kevin R. Haddle for their ability to deliver superior results.

Chemical Peels

We use medical grade treatments and products that employ various enzymes, alpha/beta hydroxy acids and trichloroacetic acids (TCA) to treat photodamage, rough texture, large pores, fine to moderate wrinkles, dyspigmentation, actinic damage, active acne and acne scarring.